Great Resources for Actors

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts for Actors, and I wanted to share them with my friends who may be wondering where to find sources of information about the industry and the business of being an actor. Below are some amazing sites with hundreds of podcast episodes to answer nearly every question you have had about acting-for free, as well as some great ways to make money and find housing in New York City, and some of my personal favorite teachers and places to learn. 


Gabby Archambault Photography

Need a great headshot? I do low cost, high quality headshots that showcase you and what you bring to the table. Check out my portfolio below and feel free to reach out regarding rates. I believe that every actor should have access to an amazing photo that doesn't break the bank. I also do portraits for musicians or business professionals as well as lifestyle shots to spice up your Instagram feed. 


Inside Acting

This podcast is incredible. They have over 250 episodes all dedicated to helping actors learn the tools and tricks to acting, the business, and other actors paths to success. In addition, they have a variety of recommendations of books and websites to help you organize your live and get motivated. Its a must listen for anyone who is starting out pursuing acting as a career, and their positive attitudes will get you through that bad audition, when you feel like maybe this isn't for you. Click below to see their site!  


Indie Film Hustle Podcast

Whether you are just starting out, or you are experienced in filmmaking, the Indie Film Hustle Podcast has tons to offer in advice, experiences and ideas in producing your independent films. Its also a great way to get inspired and feel encouraged to create your own work. There is also a membership you can join with access to a ton of resources and other sites on filmmaking. Save yourself years of research and go to Indie Film Hustle to start your filmmaking journey!


Atrium Staffing

Need a job when you move to the Big Apple? Atrium Staffing is amazing at working with actors, writers, and performers to get them steady work that is flexible and pays well enough to keep you paying the rent, eating food, and taking the occasional casting director class or coaching session! It's how I've made the majority of my money in the city and I've met a ton of incredible people through it. Email my recruiter Sarah Boothby at and tell her I sent you! Check the link for more info.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.18.05 PM.png

Gypsy Housing

Do you want to move to the city, but you aren't sure where to start looking for housing? Maybe you aren't sure which city you want to live in, or you don't have the income to secure a lease, or you want the flexibility to be location independent. Check out Gypsy Housing! Tons and tons of sublets and leases by actors for actors. Everyone in the group is a performer or artist of some kind, so everyone understands the nomadic lifestyle. The best part is the listings are incredibly affordable and most are furnished. Follow the link to join the group and make your big move!


Central Casting- Get Work as a Background Actor!

This totally free casting service allows you to go in and get registered for background work in New York City and Los Angeles. You register, fill out some forms, get your picture taken and then either accept or deny if you get called for work. There is also a number to call in to so you can find open jobs and submit yourself. It's a great way to get on set experience and meet other people in the industry while making some money. Its also incredibly flexible since most jobs only last one or two days. You can also submit yourself even more by registering with Casting Networks. Casting Networks isn't a free service, it costs about $20 a month, but its well worth it since you pay for it four times over by just booking one day of work a month. Casting Networks also has principals roles for commericals and you can add multiple photos, your resume and a reel. Click below to link to Central Castings site and learn more!

The Best Acting Coach Around!

Ken Schatz is an acting coach I cannot recommend highly enough. I've noticed such improvement in my own work, as well as the work of my classmates from week to week with the help of Ken's coaching. Whenever I have an important audition coming up, I know I can go to Ken to help me find the truth and technique to do my best work. If you want more info follow the link below and let him know I referred you to get $40 off your class or coaching! First time students get a free one hour coaching!


Tracey Grimaldi: Vocal Coach - Voice Teacher - Pianist

Tracey is an outstanding vocal coach and I am so glad to be coaching with her. I noticed an improvement in my voice after my first lesson. She's also helped me find a ton of great new songs for my book so I feel prepared for any audition that comes my way. Her acting coaching for your songs will let you discover so much specificity in your text. She also helps you refine what your type is so you know which roles to cater your audition towards. I've felt so much more confidence this audition season after my lessons with Tracey and I'm certain her coaching will lead to some great bookings this audition season. Click below to get more information on her private coachings and workshops!