Recent Work

It's been a while since I last updated. Its been a busy few months for me. In May I was in a workshop reading of a musical called Martin Eden, which was a really great experience. I absolutely loved creating a character from scratch and working on a script that was currently being developed. I also recently did a catalog shoot for Volare NY and I am really looking forward to seeing the results. 

I took a trip out to LA in July and I absolutely loved it, though it was more for vacation reasons than career reasons. I found the landscape beautiful and so different from the New York Cityscape. 

Most recently, I started taking acting classes with Ken Schatz, who is an amazing coach and I highly recommend him for any actor looking for a teacher in New York. Last week I tried out a little sketch comedy with a new group, The Wholesome Hecklers and I had a great time! I'm definitely on the lookout for more sketch opportunity. I met the creator of the group in a class with Clint Alexander at Actors Connection, which I always find helpful to see myself reading fresh sides on camera. 

My upcoming plans are to develop more of my own work, hopefully, including an original short film within the next year. Check back soon to see the results of my Volare shoot!