One Town, One Curse, Two Adventurers doing their best to save the day. Will they succeed? ...Probably?

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About the Film

Odette is a horror comedy which explores classical elements of horror and fairytale while commenting on the world we know which is slowly being eaten by social media. The idea originally came from the writer’s sudden inspiration of what if the Swan Princess turned into something disgusting. It also explores archetypal tropes and poke fun at gender stereotypes. 

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I began writing this script while sitting at a desk job everyday and feeling frustrated with my career path. Then I realized that I didn't have to feel this frustration, I could create a story I loved and bring it to life with other passionate people! We have a great cast and crew involved. These are some of the people who's work I most admire and I know they will bring this story the depth and hilarity it deserves. This movie aims to take classic elements of horror, western, and comedy and create a social commentary on the world we are living in. Think Walking Dead meets Swan Princess with an infusion of pop culture. So tasty, they will soon be serving it at a Michelin star restaurant. Hopefully we can inspire others to create their own work and realize that you don't have to wait around for opportunity to find you, you can find it. 


We will be filming in the beautiful Seacoast New Hampshire region. Our team is so excited to have THE PRESS ROOM as one of our locations, with the gracious hosting of the every delightful Bruce Pingree. If you love good music, definitely stop by in the evenings for one of their amazing musical guests, and they will be continuing their incredibly popular Shakebeerience series in the fall, which packs the upstairs with Shakespeare and alcohol fans alike. When you are in the Portsmouth area, be sure to check it out!




Michael Hinton


Michael Hinton is a New York based actor hailing originally from New London, CT. He was one of eleven internationally accepted into the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, UK, where he recieved his MA in Professional Acting. He has also trained with Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA and The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. 


Ryan Salvato

Actor (BRACK)

Ryan Salvato was born in CA but raised in the wonderful NH. He spent much of his time performing in Portsmouth, NH before leaving to pursue an acting career in NYC. He would like to thank his Memere for her soul and inspiration.


Gabrielle Archambault

Writer, Producer, Actress (ODETTE)

Gabrielle Archambault, Writer and Producer originally hails from New Hampshire. She grew up loving fairytales as well as thrillers and has been writing stories since childhood. She is also an actress and classically trained singer, having studied at the University of New Hampshire. She has also studied classical theatre at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, and Stella Adler Conservatory in New York City and trained in improv at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC.


Shannon Cabbell

Actress (SKIP)

Shannon Cabbell is a Southern California born, NYC-based actor of Spanish and Irish descent. She is an ex-ballerina, trained boxer, girl scout, amateur birder and folk singer. She tends to play rebels, misfits, and dreamers. 



Theodore Ragge

Second CamerA, Production Assistant

Theodore Ragge is a 20 year old photographer, lighting designer, and set designer out of Scituate, Massachusetts. He is currently studying Theater Technology and Design with a focus in Lighting Design at the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He has worked on countless Theatrical Productions in the Seacoast Area and has gained experience in film through personal projects with industry professionals.

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Bill Humphreys

Actor (MAYOR)

Bill Humphreys - veteran of more than 25 motion pictures including the upcoming feature release Chappaquidick opposite Jason Clarke and Jim Gaffigan.  Bill has also appeared in over 150 live theatre productions from coast to coast and is a 4 time Emmy Award winner for his work on PBS.  Bill currently works as Executive Director of PPMtv in Portsmouth, NH.  He and his wife Betsy live in Eliot, Maine.