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Gabrielle Archambault

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About Me

Since I was a small child, I've been obsessed with imagining myself in stories. Perhaps it was an escape, or my ADHD brain constantly seeking new stimulus, but I've been unable to reside within the usual. I'm driven to explore every story and experience that is out there, and I am particularly passionate about history and fantasy. Acting and writing allow me to both experience things which I otherwise wouldn't in my daily life, and help others to see a small window into myself through the stories I inhabit. 

Aside from this, I am passionate about animal welfare, and take care of a delightful colony of street cats. My own boy came from this group and he is the greatest part of my life. He helps me remember how to relax when I feel as though I have to accomplish my entire life goals in a single week. 


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on this journey with me, and I hope we can collaborate soon!

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Nadira in Rich, Stupid, Angry, Dead
Chloe in Berkeley
Odette in Odette
Millie in 9 Minutes
Betty in The Great American Trailer
Pixie in Vibration Valley
Steward in The Polar Express
Sketch Performer in Apple Soup Comedy

Millie in 9 Minutes

Chloe in Berkeley

Nadira in Rich, Stupid, Angry, Dead

Steward in The Polar Express

Betty in The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Odette in Odette

Sketch Comedian in Apple Soup Comedy

Pixie in Vibration Valley

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Hood cottage cheese 2017 commercial

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